CLB Academy Spelling Bee Competition Holds 16 11 2017

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All is set for the CLB Academy Spelling Bee Competitors 2017, aimed at encouraging academic excellence and a healthy competitive spirit amongst major and secondary school students. Categories for this competition involve: Primary School (Primaries four to six) Junior Secondary (JSS1-3) and Senior Secondary College (SSS1-three)</a> The Grand Finale will feature nine finalists who will compete against each other from all categories. The winners will be rewarded with N500,000, N250,000 and N150,000 respectively in scholarships as effectively as money prizes and gift items from partners. The CLB Academy Spelling Bee Competition 2017 organisers say will bring with each other some of the most intelligent children in Nigeria, showcasing Nigeria’s future leaders.

United Kingdom (UK) out of what is due to government in the controversial Malabu oil deal. But he gave no detail. Malami spoke at the Agenda for Pre-Worldwide Forum on Asset Recovery (GFAR) Consultative Meeting organised by the Mac Arthur Foundation and the Africa Network for Environment and Economic Justice (ANEEJ) in Abuja. Head of State, the late Basic Sani Abacha. According to him, Civil Society Organisations will be involved in the monitoring of the utilisation of the funds. He stressed that with the conclusion of the negotiation, the nations involved are to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the repatriation of the funds in the next few weeks. Abacha’s family members. I am pleased to inform that Civil Society Organisations had been involved in the negotiation of the Memorandum of Understanding.

Most importantly, the Civil Society Organisations will be involved in monitoring the use of funds. With the conclusion of negotiation, parties are to sign a Memorandum of Understanding at the international forum at Asset Recovery meeting and repatriation all follow within weeks as agreed by the parties. Malami recalled that Nigeria had implemented the United Nations Convention Against Corruption requirement via the development of National Technique on Anti-Corruption. The National Technique on Anti-Corruption, according to Malami, was adopted by Nigeria and has been approved by the Federal Executive Council in July this year, which the President is expected to launch in due course. OPL 245, otherwise recognized as Malabu, involved about nine billion barrels of crude oil. It is viewed as as a single of the most profitable.

OPL 245 was awarded to Malabu at a time the owners have been Chief Dan Etete, then Minister of Petroleum Sources, who authorized the licence, and Mohammed, son of the late Head of State, Gen. Sani Abacha. Shell and Eni for the block went into Federal Government coffers as "signature bonus". The rest was paid to Malabu Oil and Gas, mostly owned by Etete. The sale to Malabu was nullified by former President Olusegun Obasanjo in 1999 and assigned to Shell — without having a public bid. Shell and Eni to its transfer ownership. The signature bonus was paid to Nigeria. According to the minister, Nigeria is reviewing its anti-corruption laws.

The Federal Government has signed government partnership initiative and completed the National Anti-Corruption national action strategy with practical implementation in the country. President Muhammadu Buhari is to launch the National Action Strategy pretty quickly. Malami said his workplace held talks with workplace of interests throughout the worldwide forum on asset recovery. The nations include things like the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Switzerland, South Africa, Panama, United Arab Emirates, Northern Ireland and The Gambia. The Swiss Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Eric Mayoroz, stated Switzerland and the Buhari administration have been committed to fighting corruption. He noted that his nation changed its legislation in the last decade so that stolen dollars could not be deposited there.

The envoy stated that his country’s law on cash laundering is now the worldwide model in the fight against the crime. He said then, the Swiss Justice discovered that there have been nonetheless other assets owned by the loved ones in the nation and it froze hundreds of million of dollars deposited by the family in the banks. It held negotiation with the government of Nigeria and the modalities emerged in 2016 when Malami and the Swiss AGF signed the letter of intent,that the funds need to be protected from becoming looted once more. In June 2016, Vice President Yemi Osibanjo chose the projects to invest the revenue on to contain those that would advantage the poorest in the society and that it would be monitored by the Planet Bank. He mentioned that the Swiss government had insisted that measures must be taken to guarantee that the cash would not disappear once more, noting that the function of the civil society is vital in the matter. The British High Commission/Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Paul Arkwright, mentioned the United Kingdom was keen to see the swift passage of Nigeria’s bill on asset recovery. It is prepared to assistance its implementation.

At its 2017 Sixth National Annual Dinner, Government College Ughelli Old Boys’ Association pledged to continue raising the standards of the institution that has bred prominent Nigerians in all walks of life. Although not the keynote address, the host- Lagos State governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s goodwill message did a re-set of the spot of governance and the network of old boys associations in building a new Nigerian education sector. Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos. In his welcome remarks, President-Common of GCUOBA, Professor Oritsegbemi Omatete, place it succinctly of the need for a private, public sector partnership engagement in funding the education sector and helping to elevate the falling requirements of education in the polity.

Ambode agreed. He did not fail having said that to tension why, for according to him, it is all about dwindling resources and competing wants, generating it increasingly challenging for government to provide all that is required in public schools without having assistance. Ambode informed his guests how his administration was going about this in practical terms, connecting it to the keynote speech of Chris</a> A single other area we need to have to direct our interest, which the theme of this dinner is focusing on," he stressed, "is the efficient integration of Information and facts, Communication and Technology (ICT) in our educational technique. This is very vital if we need to raise a generation that can hold their space in the quickly altering and competitive worldwide method driven by expertise and technology.

In Lagos State, Ambode whose speech was read by his deputy, Dr. (Mrs.) Idiat Oluranti Adebule said, "technology education is an integral element of our Intelligent City Project. About a year ago, we unveiled the Code Lagos Initiative, which is aimed at teaching Computer Programming to students in Lagos State. Nicely he did not say so, but he was virtually saying St. Greg’s was riding the waves and living up to the expectations of the founding fathers. Today with more than half a billion naira contribution from the association, the college is on the path of even higher glory. That is if it tows the path advised by Uwaje, also an old boy, whose keynote address dwelt on the need for GCUOBA students not to be contented with just getting the very best in the classroom.

Quoting Prof. Abletor Sedofia from the University of Ghana, Uwaje added: "Academic excellence is overrated! Of course primarily based on their individual, academic and corporate achievements, the Ancient Mariners have excelled in quite a few departments of life. The parade of those present at the event chaired by Ambassador Christopher Kolade, former tutor of the college, who kept the old boys rocking on their chairs with his jokes, was eloquent testimony to the results story of the college. Kolade, the "15 minutes acting principal" of the college, after on the podium, created a enormous contrast away from the old and retired corporate chieftain and former Higher Commissioner to Good Britain.

The 85-year-old Abeokuta Grammar School and Government College Ibadan Old Boy could not hide his joy with his sweetheart Beatrice beside him. Omatete reminded the old boys the dinner was a single way of raising funds to assistance revamp the infrastructure and other requirements of the college where they were all honed as young men with a excellent eye on the</a> We the old boys of Government College Ughelli (GCU) are quite passionate about our school since we have realised the ‘excellency’ of the education it gave us," he noted. He continued: "In addition we realised that outstanding education is expensive and with the explosion in the quantity of secondary schools, government alone can not finance high quality education. Those of us who knowledgeable such higher high quality education, thus, ought to help government sustain it. This is precisely what the old boys have completed in nearly two decades given that we began the intervention to arrest the deterioration at GCU. In that period we have raised and judiciously spent properly more than a quarter of a billion naira at our alma mater. The other superior news is that there are graduation robes now and an NGO, Africare with Shell are finishing an all-weather tartan track for the college.

Boko Haram terrorists have attacked a military base in Sasawa town of Damaturu Nearby Government Region in Yobe State. I can authoritatively confirm to you that there was an attack at dawn yesterday at Sasawa and eight military personnel, including an officer as effectively as a civilian, have been killed for the duration of the raid," he mentioned. The soured additional revealed that many soldiers were still missing at the time of taking stock of the destruction. The spokesman for 3 Division, Nigerian Army base in Damaturu, Colonel Kayode Ogunsanya, who also confirmed the attack, mentioned casualty was recorded on each sides. He mentioned while particulars have been still sketchy, the troops on ground were prompt as the attack was successfully repelled. A Sasawa resident, Lawan Adamu, having said that, claimed that several security personnel may possibly have been killed during the incident which he mentioned was a coordinated attack on the military base.

He known as on the military authorities to urgently make a move to bust the terrorists’ hideouts, saying they are not far from the town. Sasawa is a rural neighborhood situated in the northern component of Damaturu and has remained without having the services of the mobile communication networks vandalised by the insurgents for over five years. The area was lengthy below the control of the insurgents just before it was recaptured by the safety forces who established a base in the town because it was regained. Meanwhile, following intense bombing of Boko Haram areas in the North-east by the Nigerian Air Force (NAF), indications emerged yesterday that the wife of Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, Mallama Fitdasi, may have been killed by air strikes.

Registrar providers in the nation have been urged to innovate or danger going out of small business thinking of the modifications presently going on in the Nigerian capital marketplace that are affecting the revenue streams of the registrars. The dematerialisation of share certificates, distribution of financial reports electronically and electronic dividends amongst other individuals are some of the developments shaping the functions of registrars. It is believed that developments would affect bottom-lines of registrars providers. Therefore, the Group Chief Executive Officer of United Capital Plc, Mrs. Oluwatoyin Sanni, has tasked registrars to adopt revolutionary approaches to serve their clients or danger extinction in the not too distant future.

She stated this at a forum organised by African Prudential Plc in Lagos. Sanni explained that the wish to migrate towards electronic dividend payment is borne out of the want to mitigate dangers connected with physical dividend warrants and improving investors’ practical experience. Ahead of this, Nigeria Interbank Settlement Method Plc (NIBBS) is now sole processor of shareholder dividends. Registrar providers have been integrated to the NIBBS Electronic Payment network to facilitate processing and payment of dividends on shares and bond coupons, via the automated clearing house," she mentioned. The United Capital boss, consequently advised registrars to, as a swift-fix, commence to expand into other parts of Africa, exactly where the registrar function is however to evolve to the identical level as Nigeria. The Nigerian capital market place is still evolving. Therefore, registrars usually have voids to fill inside their regulatory ambit," she said.

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Science in the globe over stimulates improvement, but Nigeria mentioned to be in the league of building countries has small or no investment in STEM education. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education is a global notion that encompasses the processes of vital thinking, analysis, and collaboration. In this period of recession, when it has turn out to be vital to seek alternative sources of boosting the economy,, STEM has been identified as a viable choice. But sadly right now, few students pursue experience in STEM fields though there are also inadequate teachers skilled in those subjects. That is why government and professionals in the sector are stepping up measures to increase the number of students and teachers who are proficient in these vital fields.

The want to promote the study of STEM education among our youths formed the fulcrum of the symposium held recently by Star Deep Petroleum restricted and Agbami parties, comprising Famfa Oil Statoil Nigeria Limited and Petroleo Brasileiro Nigeria Limited. The symposium held in conjunction with LBS and titled, "Promoting excellence in STEM teaching and mastering," concluded that the only pathway for our youths to succeed in the new details based and technologies-driven international society is to embrace science education. Director, Star Deep Water Petroleum, Mr. Richard Kennedy sets the tone for the symposium when he reminded that investment in human capital is essential to the development of any nation.

According to him, the Agbami parties think that the most rewarding investment is that which centres on the individuals, for the reason that the greatest assets of a nation are its individuals. This is the underlying philosophy behind our social investment in the thematic concentrate regions of overall health, education and financial development. We think in the principle of adding value and enriching lives in any society we operate in. He mentioned they viewed as that to have engineers, physicians and other scientists that will drive the country’s economy, they must have began studying STEM at the early stages. It was also found that a lot of schools lacked laboratories and sciences cannot be research correctly without having laboratories. What Agbami parties have carried out is to commence from the basis to generate opportunities for young individuals to be stimulated towards the study of sciences.

AMEPS is merit-primarily based and only open to college undergraduates with healthcare (incorporating related health-related science fields), and engineering disciplines (incorporating related science and mathematics fields). On the rationale behind the intervention by the Agbami partners, the General Manager, Policy, Government and Public Affairs, Mr Esimaje Brikinn stated they identified an chance gap in the country and have keyed into it. The Agbami parties social investments in the education sector cover science laboratory complexes, conventional and hybrid libraries and scholarships. In his keynote address titled "Integrating STEM and 21st century abilities: Revolutionary approaches to STEM education, Executive Director, Science Teachers Association of Nigeria (STAN), Prof Ben Akpan identified infrastructure as the major issue confronting science education in the nation.